Sir Emery Wallace Drake

Crazed old astronomer


Born into wealth and privilege, Sir Emery Wallace Drake studied at some of the finest universities in the world, and was regarded as a preeminent astronomer. He was even knighted by the Queen for his work with the Royal Academy of Science in Paris. However, fame fades fast, something he published a dozen years ago made him a laughing stock in proper scientific communities.

Shortly thereafter, committed himself to a six month stay at Arkham Asylum. People say it was the loss of face, the loss of wealth, or the general shunning of his company. He was no longer welcome in polite society and he withdrew even further into his studies and his work when he returned home. A widower, Drake had no one to watch over his son’s escapades. Drake has grown stranger and more withdrawn, his voice and manners rusty from rarely talking with anyone outside of his staff, Samson and Claudette (the new housekeeper).

Sir Emery Wallace Drake

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