Lurkings in the Dark

another friend for Scrambles?...

This was a turn of events I had not expected at all. Admitting that she is here and willing to have me whisk her away.

“I understand, sir. I’ll think of something to make this all go away now that I know Miss Silvers is alive,” with the tiniest pause, “and well. I could take her away tonight to expedite the matter.”

Sometimes learning can be painful

I looked around the room and noticed a fireplace, unused recently due to the summer heat. I noticed a poker and decided to move it over by my chair. More comfortable, once again I waited.

About 20 long minutes passed. I was just about to get up and go looking for someone, anyone, when the door opened. An aristocratic man walked in. He looked very drawn and ragged – as if he had not had a good night’s sleep in ages. He leaned on a walking stick with a brass handle. I suspected he looked older than his actual age.

Samson, that means the son of the sun, doesn't it? I prefer the dark.

My late afternoon drive took me about twenty miles outside the city. The road was bumpy and dusty for most of the drive, although the air became very humid and the ground soggy as I neared Drake Manor. The signs just off the major interchange suggest that construction is underway, and boy did the roads need it. However, my trained eye notes that the signs are rusting and pitted as though years of exposure to the elements. I guess a rough road it will be.

Patience is a virtue

Tom let me borrow the files for a couple of hours along with all that famous cold cop coffee I could stand. I had access to both the missing person file and a large file on the Drakes. The missing person report was straight forward. The timing of events line up with Julia’s story. On her relationship with Jonathon, Tom did not know if there was anything beyond business but she was the type that he would go for. But then again, there are not many good looking women that Jonathon would not cast a line out to try to catch.
Detective Strawbridge
Its good to know people

I took the Carolinian from New York City to Charleston. Other than reminiscencing about my old Army days, the trip was uneventful. Just the sway of the rail car to lull one to sleep the miles away.

Charleston is an old town. I learned in the Army that the southerners do not like Yankees prying in their business. They can talk circles around you with their colloquialisms and accent.

Army Days

After Julia Silvers left, I closed up shop myself. I needed to pack a few things and check if the old jalopy could make the trip. Otherwise I would have to take the train. As I walked the six blocks to my apartment, I remembered the last time I had ridden a train down south.


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